May 05, 2022

Steve Chambers, Board Member

Steve Chambers, who is currently an Ed.L.D. doctoral candidate at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, has more than 25 years of high-tech CEO, sales, and marketing experience. 

As President of Nuance Communications, the global leader in voice recognition and artificial intelligence solutions, Steve was responsible for revenue generation rising from millions to billions. 

He led a $2.1b revenue operation while negotiating deals with Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Bank of America, Federal Express, and Verizon, as well as other leading global organizations. 

Steve has led both start-ups and large tech company operations and serves as CMO of Sense, Inc., named by VentureBeat in 2019 as one of the world’s top 100 artificial intelligence companies. 

He served as CEO of Jibo, Inc., building the world’s first consumer social robot for the home, having closed approximately $87m in funding from various venture and strategic capital sources. 

Steve has been SVP for worldwide sales for SpeechWorks, one of the top IPOs in Massachusetts’ history and served as General Manager and CMO of Polycom Corporation (formerly PictureTel), the global leader in video, voice, and content collaboration, leading operating activities in more than 35 countries across 22 product lines.