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About Snorble

The flagship Snorble® product is an engaging and intelligent buddy that helps children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines. By blending proprietary natural language processing and AI with an animated character, Snorble creates an experience for families that has never been seen before. 

Snorble is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Mike Rizkalla. Having gone through the motions of trying to establish a consistent and healthy bedtime routine for his own kids, Max & Emily, Mike realized there had to be something out there that could help with this. After googling “How to get a toddler to sleep” and receiving 198 million results, Mike discovered there were several sleep aids and trainers on the market. To his dismay, however, none of them seemed to have the holistic approach to bedtime that he was looking for. Convinced that his own son was, in Mike’s words, “an incredibly adorable descendant of Dracula'' and realizing that necessity truly was the mother of invention, Mike went ahead and invented Snorble.

Building the most advanced sleep trainer and magical bedtime experience turned out to be quite the challenge. It began with prototyping what Snorble should even look like and started with more than 125 concepts! That was only the beginning though. We soon realized that in order to build all of the features into Snorble, we were going to have to not only decide what our little buddy was going to look like, but how we were going to get him to speak, animate, monitor and provide both soothing lights and magical ceiling projections. Oh yeah—did we mention the mobile app development too, so parents could customize the bedtime routine and receive state-of-the-art reports on their child’s behaviors and habits? Nothing like this had ever been done before.

In order to pull this off, Mike knew he had to assemble a world-class team, and that’s exactly what he did. PhDs in artificial intelligence, child psychologists, animators, programmers who understood gamification, experts in product development, experienced business advisors and even a former Walt Disney Imagineer!

We soon started exploring how everything would interact-form, function, and build. We looked at how colors and sounds affect mood. We looked at the latest LED, audio and projection technologies. We researched what a toddler’s daily routine typically entails. We just got as knee-deep into Snorble as we possibly could. Perhaps most importantly though, we spoke to parents about what their pain points were in developing a nighttime routine—and how Snorble could address those.

After nearly a year of intense and thoughtful research and development, we finally were able to bring Snorble to life. We think it’s more than a sleep trainer…we look at it as more of a partner for you and a companion for your child, and we’re not done yet. You see, creativity is what drives our company and with that in mind, the Snorble ecosystem will always keep evolving. We have lots of exciting plans to explore down the road, from clothing lines, to smart toothbrushes, and even perhaps a children’s morning program starring our lovable Snorbles. Whatever we do though, understand that the one thing that continues to drive our development is you! We’ll always ask ourselves “how can we best serve parents and kids in a responsible, safe, and innovative way?” Hopefully we’ll keep surprising you with the right answers that keep coming to us from the magical world of Lullaboo.